Astute Currency Analyzer 2.0 Released!

Dink Software is pleased to today announce the release of Astute Currency Analyzer 2.0.

Astute Currency Analyzer 2.0 replaces the existing Dink Software currency converter software, Astute Currency Converter. Just to be clear, Astute Currency Analyzer 2.0 is a new program replacing it, NOT an update for the now unsupported Astute Currency Converter.

Astute Currency Analyzer is a small application which makes currency conversion a breeze! With it's easy to use, minimalist GUI, Astute Currency Analyzer is simple to use and easy to grasp yet powerful and feature packed enough for professionals and everyday users.

Astute Currency Analyzer 2.0
- Features the top 35 currencies and their exchange rates
- Exchange rates are updated automatically daily
- View all exchange base rates against the currency of your choice
- Currency conversion is instantaneous; results displayed as you enter the amount
- Options to change the default currency to transfer money from, default currency transfer to transfer money to, currency to view exchange rates against, and how often the program will check for updated exchange rates

Thanks must be said to all those who helped beta test Astute Currency Analyzer 2.0.

Download Astute Currency Analyzer 2.0 here
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A small bug fix release will be issued for Geography Trainer and Geography Trainer US States next week. This will address file handling errors (does not affect 99% of users).

Posted by Dink on 02/12/2010

Geography Trainer 1.3.5 and US States 1.1 Released!

Dink Software is pleased to announce Geography Trainer 1.3.5 is now available. Version 1.3.5 fixes a number of design, user and performance issues from version 1.3 and polishes the existing game play dramatically. A big thanks must be said to all those who submitted bug reports for version 1.3 via email or by posting on the forum. In addition, an update to Geography Trainer US States is now available and sees many of the improvements from Geography Trainer 1.3.5 incorporated.

Download Geography Trainer 1.3.5 here
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Download Geography Trainer US States 1.1 here
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An update for Astute Currency Converter is in the works also. Various sections of the site have also been improved to increase performance and usability.

Posted by Dink on 20/11/2010

Geography Trainer, New Project

The next release of Geography Trainer is under development currently. It will be a bug fix release (and hopefully not introduce too many new bugs :p ). If you have suggestions or any comments, please post on the Forums. Geography Trainer 1.3 has been downloaded close to 1000 times now so keep spreading the word!

Another project is in the early stages of planning, while we may release another project some time into the future which has been shelved for a long time.

Dink Software is now hosted by Web Hosting Pad.

Posted by Dink on 17/06/2010

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